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Unlock local growth with our seasoned SEO experts boasting 10+ years of experience and 150+ successful campaigns. Experience unrivalled digital visibility and propel your business to new heights with our proven Internet marketing strategies tailored for local success.

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Our mission is to propel your Winnipeg business into the spotlight, ensuring you thrive in the online world. Enter your information on the form and we will send over our service pricing guides immediately. No Calls Needed!
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Top SEO Company Halifax
Top SEO Company Halifax
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In Need of SEO Services in Winnipeg?

With Social Spike Marketing Group, we bolster your internet footprint as a virtual stronghold, solidifying your brand and amplifying your influence. Our experienced professionals utilize state-of-the-art methods and reliable approaches to remain on the cutting edge of the constantly changing SEO environment. By leveraging our extensive expertise across different industries, we customize solutions to cater to your distinct needs.

SEO: Amplifying Your Brand's Digital Impact

Some Quick Facts

  • 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine.
  • 53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search.
  • SEO drives 1,000%+ more traffic than organic social media.
  • Only 5.7% of pages will rank in the top 10 results within a year of publication.

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Winnipeg SEO Services You Can Trust!

Every SEO package we offer is comprehensive. Our emphasis lies in developing geographical relevance, credibility, and prestige with Google, ensuring you receive the necessary enhancement to begin appearing for your offerings and solutions. We exclusively employ ethical SEO techniques to foster the expansion of your digital visibility on search engines.

Name, Address & Phone Clean Up (NAP)


Local On-Page Optimization


Keyword Research & Analysis


Google My Business Optimization


Content Development (Secret Sauce)


Link & Citation Building

We Get SEO Results

Traffic / Leads / More money in your pocket. Let us help you drive more dream clients to your business!

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Other Winnipeg Digital Marketing Services we Offer

Each of our digital marketing plans is all-inclusive, crafted to amplify your internet footprint on numerous channels. We concentrate on fostering geographic pertinence, reliability, and prominence, guaranteeing successful engagement with your desired clientele. Through the utilization of virtuous digital marketing tactics in Winnipeg, we aid in raising your brand's awareness, enabling you to achieve superior rankings for your offerings and solutions while preserving a robust standing in the online realm.
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Top Winnipeg Web Design Packages

Are you looking for a reliable web design team to bring your vision to life? Look no further than Social Spike Marketing Group. Our experienced Winnipeg web designers and developers have the skillset needed to create a website that’s both visually appealing and technically sound. We understand that trust is essential when it comes to digital marketing, which is why we strive to provide our clients with reliable results they can count on.

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Content Writing Services in Winnipeg

We provide creative and strategic content writing services that can help your business stand out from the competition. Our team of experienced writers will work with you to create engaging, SEO-friendly content that is tailored to your needs. We’ll ensure that your content stands out and attracts potential customers. With our innovative approach and attention to detail, you can be sure that we’ll deliver quality content for your website or other digital platforms.

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We are client-focused with your goals and objectives being the most important things to us!
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Questions to review before hiring an SEO Company in Winnipeg

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and to keep this simple, it's the process of improving your website's visibility and online presence across all major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Local SEO Focused on evaluating your current market and implementing the proper Search engine optimization strategies to gain a competitive advantage in your local market and surrounding towns.
The value of SEO for businesses lies in enhancing their online visibility, which is crucial in today's competitive market. A well-crafted SEO strategy, executed by a knowledgeable SEO agency, elevates a company's position in the SERPs, making it easier for the target audience to find them. Search engine marketing can lead to increased web traffic, improved conversions, and higher revenue. By focusing on specific locations, businesses can optimize their reach and attract potential customers in the right places. Furthermore, a strong SEO approach helps companies stand out from their competitors, ensuring their website ranks higher in search results. Ultimately, investing in SEO is not just about acquiring better rankings and links; it's about securing a place in the market and driving sustainable growth.
If I had a penny for each time I've been asked this question! In simple terms, the answer can change depending on your specific situation. We need to consider a few things, like how long you've had your domain, if you've tried SEO before, and how competitive your industry is. The good news is that we usually see positive outcomes within a manageable time frame. We often notice great progress within just 90 days. Most of our local SEO clients invest in these projects for at least 6 months to fully experience the benefits. 3-month period - We start getting noticed by Google 6-month period - Around the 3-6 month mark, we usually see new leads coming in 12-month period - Between 6 and 12 months, we often reach top rankings for important keywords, which brings in lots of visitors, leads, and sales.
These are the three core pillars we stand by for each campaign: SEO Pillars: -On-page SEO -Off-page SEO -Technical SEO Technical SEO: -Routine site audits -Schema markup implementation -XML sitemap creation -User-friendly site architecture -301 redirects (including domain changes) -Elimination of 404 pages -Expert development team On-page SEO: -Comprehensive keyword research -High search volume, low-medium difficulty keywords -Optimization of landing pages, blog posts, articles -Effective page titles and meta descriptions -Proper HTML tags for content (H1, H2, H3) Off-page SEO: -Outreach to high domain authority websites -Link building -Spam link removal -Guest blogging and paid guest posting -Press Releases
Local SEO costs in Winnipeg can vary. This will depend on the industry, the location (major city vs small town), and the level of competition. If you have ambitious growth goals, then we typically recommend our higher packages. Our packages begin at $1000/mo for local SEO. If you'd like a better idea of what you might expect, check out our blog SEO Costs.
When comparing SEO and AdWords, both are essential aspects of web marketing, but SEO offers a more sustainable way to generate quality leads. While AdWords, a form of PPC or pay per click advertising, can bring immediate traffic to your site, it can be expensive, and the results may not be as targeted. People often trust organic search engine rankings more than paid ads, as they consider these results more credible. SEO focuses on optimizing various areas of your website, ensuring better visibility of search results and driving consistent, long-term traffic. By concentrating on improving the content and technical aspects of your site, SEO helps attract an audience genuinely interested in your offerings. Unlike PPC, where you pay for every click, a well-executed SEO strategy provides lasting benefits without the added expense of advertising. In conclusion, while AdWords may have a place in a broader marketing strategy, SEO remains a more cost-effective and reliable method for generating high-quality leads.
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Local SEO Frequently Asked Questions

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