To Wix or Not To Wix for Local SEO

To Wix or Not To Wix for Local SEO

I get this question a lot, John, what are your thoughts on Wix for local SEO? My response is the same each time, do you enjoy cold soup? Wix is the cold soup of website builders. What does that even mean you ask? Well, soup is easy to make (specially when it comes from a can).

It doesn’t really ever fill you up either. And I would have to assume that 99% of people, if they had to choose, would pick a warm bowl over a cold one. Simply put, there are issues with Wix for local SEO when it is compared to other builders and platforms. I know I might have to ninja people off me here, but look, Wix is a mediocre website platform.

If you are ok with your website being mediocre, then you must be willing to accept the poor results.Now, is it possible to rank a Wix based site? Yes, of course it is. But, Over the last six years, we have conducted over 1000 local SEO audits. This is to help us determine the local market competition.

I can tell you that the number of times a Wix site appeared as a top3 result (for any serious keywords)… I can literally count on one hand. Those sites that did rank, clearly had someone doing extensive SEO work to push them to the point in which they were. Not something that would have been achieved by a complete beginner.

Googlebot has shown issues crawling Wix Sites

Want to show up in Google search results? Then you need to allow Google to crawl your site without any issues. They do this by sending a bot to your website, so it can get a better idea of what your site consists of. From our experience managing Wix sites of our past clients, it seems there are issues with Googlebot being able to crawl all the pages.

Pages that can’t get indexed are useless for you, providing zero value for your SEO efforts. According to ahrefs, they studied over 6.4 million websites and found that 46.1% of WordPress websites got at least some monthly search traffic. Wix only received 1.4%. Now, are there other possible factors? Sure there definitely could be. Regardless, it still lines up with our own research pretty significantly.


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Limited Ability When it Comes to Technical SEO

When it comes to on-page SEO, there are elements like content, interlinking, and specific meta tags that need to be handled. Then there are more advanced technical search engine optimization elements. A serious area where we have noticed some pitfalls with Wix for local SEO, is the limitation on technical customization.

Wix doesn’t allow users access to their own sitemaps, which limits your ability to customize this. No canonical tags additions means you could end up with Google reading possible duplication issues on your site. It might look something like this:


While it may seem like these are all the same things, Google and its bots do not see it that way. They would see 5 possible sites here (all with the same content…aka duplicate content).


Wix Sites Typically Load Slower

To Wix or Not To Wix for Local SEO


If you haven’t noticed out yet, your website’s loading speed does have an impact on your rankings. Check out our article on this, which talks about the Google user experience. Essentially, by having a slower site can increase your bounce rates. That means you are likely going to have people leaving your site in droves.

It signals to Google that there is something wrong with this site and in turn, Google will want to show that site less often. There is obviously more to this, but that is the quick rundown. If you take a look at the source code for some Wix websites, there’s a lot of code bloat, much of which is Javascript.

Code bloat is like when you eat a lot of Chinese food and you can’t get off the couch, it’s slows you right down. That is basically what happens with Wix for local SEO.

So Wix for local SEO is a no-no from me Dawg

To Wix or Not To Wix for Local SEO

Are you serious about your business? If you are, then I would be hesitant to rely on Wix for local SEO purposes. It lacks flexibility for one, and you have zero control over your website (if you cancel, it goes bye-bye). I get it, it’s free and that can look attractive to a small business.

The mindset you need is that your website is likely to be one of your most important assets, so treat it as so. We aren’t saying you need to go out and 100% have a WordPress site. There are options like Joomla/Drupal/Weebly/even Shopify or Squarespace have fared better in our testing.

Just know that the journey can be a long one to get your website optimized. If you can’t put in the time to learn and conduct your own research, then you need to hire a website design company. Not focusing on SEO can dramatically hurt your business bottom line.

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