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Seriously! Take them! Listen, we know it isn't easy right now. It can be a dog fight out there. That is why we want to help your local business by giving you the inside scoop on our winning process that we use to help all of our amazing clients.
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Overwhelmed with SEO?

There is a lot of information out there, some can even harm your
business. We have put together the playbook that all small businesses
can use safely and effectively!
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Why Download our Playbook?

Over the last decade, we have consulted with over 2500 small businesses
just like yours. This playbook is the essential first steps you can take today
that can dramatically help your rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing.
It's FREE!

It's FREE!

This guide will cost you nothing but you will gain everything!
Time Savings!

Time Savings!

We only win when you win, so we work endlessly to help you achieve results
Quick Results!

Quick Results!

Implement this guide and you will see quick and positive results!
No Headaches!

No Headaches!

We won't make this complicated at all, just follow this guide!
You Deserve it!

The Boost You Need!

We care about local businesses and we understand the struggle it can be on the best of days. That is why we are giving you this guide, 100% free. Please, just do us one favour, work on what we are giving you! Dedicate some time, it won't take you long I promise, but need to take action.
Businesses Are Looking For You!

Businesses Are Looking For You!

If you're ready to download this guide, you're probably aware that you aren't ranking well on Google. Each day, customers are looking for companies like yours on Google. How about we help you work towards getting in front of these awesome people!
We Keep This Less Technical!

We Keep This Less Technical!

We don't want to overwhelm you so we keep this playbook easy, simple to follow and quick to implement!
Boost You Local SEO with Social Spike Marketing Group

Some reviews from our clients

We are client-focused with your goals and objectives being the most important things to us!
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4 Simple Steps

What you will learn from this SEO Playbook

Our Playbook consists of 4 main parts to give you a rock solid foundation. Work through each part, only doing 1 or 2 of these parts won’t help you achieve the results you need.

Research SEO

The Research

We will show you some simple ways to get information you need to be competitive on your local area. Don't worry its really easy!
Google My Business SEO Playbook

Google My Business

During our call, we will show you via video anything we discovered during our initial analysis of the information you provide to us when you book your call.
Website Fixes Local SEO Playbook

Tweak Your Website

We will walk you through some of the easy adjustments you can make on your own without a website developer or technical knowledge!
Backlinks Local SEO Playbook

Backlinks & Citations

Your website needs relevancy online to show up near the top, we will provide you either a Canadian or US based citation management sheet so you can track your work!
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Follow these 4 simple steps and your business will see positive growth! More traffic, more calls and more sales. If you're ready to receive, we're ready to give.
The ultimate local seo playbook
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