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Does this sound familiar? You started a permanent makeup clinic, spent a bunch of money on new equipment, spent thousands on training and learning the new industry tricks, and yet, your phone isn’t ringing off the hook.

So what actually gives? Well, in this article, we are going to discuss just that, and teach you some fundamentals as it relates to SEO for PMU Artists

Is it Important to do SEO for PMU Artists?

Seo for pmu artists is important yes

Think about it, let’s say someone is looking for Microblading in Houston, and they have absolutely zero ideas about whom to talk to or where to look. Where do you think they might try to find that info?

Google! In fact, over 46% of all Google searches are looking for local information. With Google performing over 5.6 BILLION searches each day, you can imagine how much possible activity local businesses could gain by showing up for a local search. 

What happens when your business doesn’t show up in the search results? Simple, they find your competitor. So, not having a proper online presence could be costing you quite a lot.

Think about how much revenue a microblading session generates for you. Would you turn down possibly 5-10 of these sessions each month just because?

If yes, then the rest of this blog might not be relevant for you. If you would love to land 5-10 more bookings each month, then keep on reading!

Where do we start with SEO For Your Permanent Makeup Clinic?

SEO for PMU Artists - PMU Digital - Social Spike Marketing Group

So we don’t want to over complicate things right now, but we do want to touch upon a few main areas, which you can do right now to optimize your PMU business to improve its online presence and start landing more new clients.

Now, there is a lot more that goes into ranking near the top of Google for your business, but these elements we are going to touch upon today can help many begin the journey in the right direction.

The four main parts we want to tackle are, your PMU Google my business profile, what keywords you should look to use, how to structure these keywords on your site, and optimizing your images. 

Optimize your Google My Business Profile for your Permanent Makeup Clinic

SEO For PMU Artists Google My Business Profile

If I told you that 30% of your new business could be generated from your GMB profile, would you believe me? I hope you would because it is very likely that you could grow your business simply by optimizing this Google property.

This is likely to be the easiest part of this whole process as well. Don’t have a GMB profile yet for your clinic? Check out this walkthrough on how to get yours in place here.

Quick tips1 – Setup your category as a Permanent make-up clinic

  • Do you provide mobile services? Then set your clinic up as a “Service Area Business”.
  • If you have a physical location, make sure you add in the exact address.
  • Add all the services you offer and provide a description for each (Microblading, Lip Blush, Tattoo Removal, etc)
  • Add in your hours of operation5 – Make sure you put in a detailed business description. If you would like to go into more detail on how to set up your PMU Google profile, you can always download our free PMU SEO Guide

PMU Services and how to optimize them for SEO

SEO For PMU Artists how to market services on Google

Think about this for a second, you are likely known as a PMU artist, maybe a cosmetic artist, but usually something along those lines. The thing is, not every person types into Google “My Town PMU Artist”.

They are more likely to look for a specific service you provide. Each one of those services should have their own page on your website, with details, descriptions, and likely some prices. This is where Microblading SEO, Permanent Eyeliner, and Scalp Pigmentation comes into play.

Think about your own services, make a list of what you have to offer. We managed our own list to assist you so we can then move on to the next section.

Permanent Makeup Services

  • Microblading (or Permanent Eyebrows)
  1. With sub-sections for Ombré Powder Brow / Micro feathering / Nano Needling
  • Permanent Eye Liner (Lash Line Enhancement)
  • Permanent Lip Colour
  • Permanent Makeup Removal
  • Scape Pigmentation

Obviously your business is likely to work with Paramedical Procedures, Aesthetic Treatment Services, or Medical Aesthetic Treatments as well. So the same kind of breakdown would remain the same for those types of service offers. Think about Permanent makeup as the mother ship, and microblading seo and such are the smaller ships that fly out of it. They are connected, one leads the other when someone wants to get more specific on what it is they are seeking. 

Optimizing your PMU Website for SEO

So, we now have some possible PMU services that people are searching for. Now you need to structure this. For this example, and to keep this article short, we will use Microblading. Where I have “CITY” in the examples, is where you should be looking to add your city of business. 

  • Web Page Title: Microblading in “CITY, STATE abbreviation” | Company Name
  • Ex – Microblading in Toronto, ON | Tiffany’s Awesome Brows

Web Page URL: –

H1 Tag: CITY Microblading

Ex- Toronto Microblading

Meta Description: Affordable eyebrow microblading in CITY. For beautiful custom brow design, shape, color and intensity, contact our permanent eyebrow experts today!

For a complete vision of how to do this for your clinic, simply download our free SEO Guide

Optimize your Images for your PMU Website

SEO For PMU Artists

Ok, the hard stuff is done, the last part is ensuring that your images are optimized for your website. Adding images to your articles and pages encourages people to read them, and well-chosen images can also back up your message and get you a good ranking in image search results. We will review the two main components of the image optimization (Image name and Alt Tag).

What Is Image Title Text?

The image title text attribute is an attribute that is used to provide additional information about the image. That being said, the image title is not used for search ranking, so it is not quite as important to optimize for.

What Is Image Alt Text

Also called “alt tags” and “alt descriptions,” alt text is the actual copy that appears in place of an image on a web page if the image fails to load on the screen.

This text helps screen-reading tools describe images to visually impaired readers and allows search engines to better crawl and rank your website. Not having your site optimized for the disabled, could land you in hot water in the near future. Check out this article from The Chicago Tribune.

We want to make sure that we can make image text as relevant as possible. If the image was of a puppy, we really shouldn’t be tagging the image with “Permanent Makeup Terms”. It doesn’t matter how cute the puppy is!For example, below is an image of “Microblading”.

So remember, that is our main keyword, and all we want to do is add in our Location of the business. “Insert Image”We might want to title this “Microblading in CITY, STATE” and we can use the same for the Alt Tag. So in keeping with Toronto, the image would be slapped with a title and all of “Microblading in Toronto, ON”.

We could also add in our business name so it could look like “Microblading in Toronto, ON – Company Name”. I’ve done it both ways with success, so it is really up to you on how extensive you want to go. 


SEO can be complicated, we wanted to try and simplify this as much as possible without it getting too techy. SEO is extremely important for all PMU artists. Doing just these four things alone can have a dramatic impact on your businesses bottom line.

If you are looking for someone to help you with SEO for PMU Artists, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. You can book your free discovery call today by clicking the image below.

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