How to Write Strong SEO copy for landscaping Websites

How to Write Strong SEO copy for landscaping Websites(1)

If you are a Landscaper, or lawn care company owner, you should know that writing good SEO (search engine optimization) copy is one of the most important things you can do to increase traffic to your site. Still, this is easier said than done.

Our goal is to help establish an online presence, improve our search ranking, increase the conversion rate on the website, and provide an amazing user experience

Luckily, we’ve got some tips that will help you write strong SEO copy that will get more people clicking on your ads and visiting your website—and buying what you’re selling!

Know Your Voice in the Landscaping Industry

The next step is to know your voice. What are the buyer personas of your potential clients? A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that SEO copywriting is just about saying one thing and then repeating it over and over again without adding any value. The reality is that when you’re creating this kind of content, you need to be able to have a voice that resonates with your readers and makes them want to keep reading.

Knowing your audience, brand, and business values, as well as what you are trying to sell – both directly or indirectly – will help guide the copy process toward something more meaningful and engaging for readers.

Conduct Keyword Research for Your Website

  • Conduct a keyword search., find your target search query.
  • Make a list of Long-tail keywords that your ideal customer would use. This is important to ensure that the content on your site matches the intent of your ideal audience. To do this, start with some questions: Who are you targeting? What do they want from you? How can you attract them by using SEO copywriting techniques and content marketing strategies?
  • Keep in mind that Google Search ads can be based on target keywords, so it’s important to know which ones will work best for your business and what kinds of searches should appear next to them when someone searches for landscaping services like yours.
  • Use a keyword tool (e.g., SEMrush) to find out what other people are searching for related to your industry or niche market (e.g., “landscaping” or “landscape design”).

Don’t Forget That People Will Read This

One of the most common mistakes that landscaping companies make is to write their content as if they were creating it for a search engine. This can be very frustrating for your customers, and it’s actually easier than you might think to avoid this mistake!

If you’re looking to get more visitors from Google or other search engines, we recommend having someone who knows what they are doing write your copy. However, even if you have outside help with this aspect of your website design (and we definitely recommend it), there are still some things that you need to know about creating SEO-friendly content on your site.

Use a Captivating Title

For example, if your content is about the benefits of landscaping with trees, you might use a title like “Landscaping with Trees – How They Enhance Your Home.” While this isn’t necessarily a perfect description of the article’s content (it could be about any kind of service provided by you), it does provide information that a reader would want to know before reading it. It also provides a sense of what the rest of the page will cover.

Finally, make sure that your titles are unique, so they’re not easily found by search engines and other sites on the web. This will help ensure that people who search for relevant keywords find yours first!

Answer Common Questions Found on Google

SEO copy for landscaping Websites

To build trust, you need to answer the questions your customers have.

This means using their words and questions, like “how much does it cost?” and “how long does it take?”

It also means using the customer’s concerns, like “will my plants get enough water?” and “will my grass be too thin for my toddler to play on?”

Here are some other things to consider: What are your customers’ main concerns about landscaping services? How do they feel about getting quotes from different companies before making a decision? Do they want a lot of information upfront or would that overwhelm them instead of helping them make informed choices (and thus be more likely to hire you)?

SEO copy for landscaping Design Websites
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Keep it Simple

One of the best ways to write SEO-friendly copy is to keep it simple. Your content should be easy for search engines and human readers alike, so use short sentences, a bulleted list, paragraphs, and words. Of course, it’s important not to go too far and make yourself sound like an idiot; don’t sacrifice quality for quantity or readability will suffer.

In addition to keeping things simple by using shorter sentences and paragraphs, you should also aim at using simpler words when possible. If you want your content to be readable by both machines and humans alike, use language that’s easy on both sets of eyes!

Remember the Basics of Good Copy

As a writer, you should make sure the copy you write is:

  • In the active voice. This means that the subject of the sentence is doing something (e.g., “we,” rather than “it”), and it uses pronouns like “we,” “they,” “you,” or “I.” For example:
  • We are proud to offer our clients high-quality services at reasonable prices.
  • Clear and concise. Use simple words that everyone understands easily; avoid jargon or acronyms unless absolutely necessary for your target patrons (for instance, if you are writing for professionals in another industry). If a reader has to look up what an acronym stands for, they may lose interest before finishing reading your content – so keep these things simple! Also, avoid overly complicated sentences; good info should flow smoothly from one idea to another without any unnecessary interruptions or distractions along the way. Finally, try using more active verbs when possible – instead of setting it as “it became apparent” try saying “we realized…”

Don’t forget the Images on Your Page

Landscaping Copy SEO

They can help your quality content stand out even more, and help break up the information to cut back on the prospect of potentially being overloaded with stuff. Remember, quality over quantity. What’s that term again? Does an image speak a thousand words?


Always remember to include alt tag titles/SEO title tags, and descriptions that might be relevant to the main terms you’re targeting on that page. Google and the SERPs (local search results) can show these images as it relates to the topics, which means more eyes potentially seeing your information.

Site and Page Structure is Crucial

The copy is crucial for making the connection with your site and your potential customers, but page structure is the foundation that keeps everything on the right path.

Service Area Pages To Dominate a Larger Area

SEO copy for landscaping companies

Pro SEO tips that will help you dominate the internet. Ever wonder how you could rank a topic in another town you’re not physically in but could do business in? Your landscaping website needs to break down your services page, as well as the local service area in that you can do business.

If you apply all of this to a new page dedicated to that new city, you create a digital resource that can be more specific to a user in that city.

The point of SEO is to make sure that when your ideal customer searches for what you sell, your website shows up first.

SEO has a bad rap. When people hear the term, they think of someone who’s trying to trick people into clicking on their website. If a search engine penalizes my site for “keyword stuffing,” I’m toast! But that’s not how it works at all.

SEO isn’t about tricking people into clicking on your website—it’s about making sure they see it when they search for what you sell. If a potential customer searches for landscaping company services in Melbourne, or Lawn Care in Austin, chances are good that your local business will show up first on their results page when they click through to check prices and read reviews from past customers.

That’s because SEO is all about creating content that is easy to read and understand, so other humans will find it useful as well (i.e., read through it).

Our Ultimate Goal? More Leads!

Whether we’re trying to improve our main service pages, or creating helpful blog posts (it’s important to keep an active blog going), your goal as a lawn care or landscaping business is to acquire more leads. When you start your SEO campaign, you’re looking for those long-term results. Results are going to start happening when your rankings start to improve.

Search Engine Rankings can refer to both Local SEO (Maps), or organic search results. Our focus is on making more progress

Grow Your Landscape Business

If you take the time to research your competition, find search terms that are relevant to your business, and write compelling copy that addresses common questions, then you will be well on your way to creating a great landscaping website.

Social Spike Specializes in Landscaping SEO

If this all seems overwhelming, it’s because it is! This is only really digging into a few pieces of the true SEO journey. If you’re thinking, wow John, can you just take care of this headache for us? You’re in luck! At Social Spike, we specialize in Landscaping SEO and would love to have a conversation with you about how we can help you dominate your city.

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