3 Reasons you Shouldn’t Hire our SEO Company

3 Reasons you Shouldn’t Hire our SEO Company

That’s a strange one eh? An agency stating the reasons why you shouldn’t hire them to be your SEO company? Do you not want business or something John? Are you feeling ok?

Let me explain. So here is the thing about what we do. We provide small businesses with an opportunity to be a shining beacon in their local markets. We want to see them succeed, we want to see them thrive and reaching for their highest goals, and dreams. We aren’t just money vacuums.

We truly care about the success of our clients. We look at ourselves as your team-mate. A true partnership that is successful, and fruitful for both sides.

If you’re a business looking forward and not side to side, that probably sounds ideal. So let me take this a little further and break down the three reasons you wouldn’t hire our SEO Company.

#1- You’re expecting a cheap SEO Company for $199/mo

3 Reasons you Shouldn’t Hire our SEO Company Halifax Digital Marketing Agency

But John, so-and-so on Fiverr can do it for $199. Awesome, do you know exactly what you’re getting with that? If the answer is no, then you’re likely going down a route where you will see $0 return on your investment, while also putting your website at risk.

Why is cheap SEO a bad idea for my business?

There are various elements that we need to touch upon so you can get the full picture of the possible problems that might occur.

Cheap packages won’t cover high quality content (SUPER IMPORTANT)

Here is likely the biggest factor in the entire cost game related to search engine optimization. What kind of content is being produced for you each month? Is your content being sourced to the Middle-east or other non-fluent English countries? Most low price SEO Company plans won’t even include this poor content either. You might get none at all.

Why is Content important for SEO?

Content helps your business become relevant in Google’s eyes. Creating rich content helps build your authority as you become a resource for solving problems and inquiries. Most local businesses seem to leave this part out, mainly because they don’t realize the importance it has on your ranking. It is vital for growing your relevant keywords associated with your business. The more relevant keywords you can rank for, the more traffic you can generate. That should ultimately lead to more sales on your end.

How much does good content cost?

This can vary, it will also depend on the industry and level of expertise needed to cover the subject. Realistically, you will probably be spending anywhere between $50-250 for a well put together, well researched, 1000-word blog article. Want to see some examples? Check out our content writing services where we have different types of content matter on display.

SEO Google Maps - SEO Company in Halifax Canada

You won’t likely get good quality backlinks

A solid guest (one common backlinks solution), will typically cost you anywhere from $100-500 USD. That is only one link. Not dozens, or even hundreds. What cheap SEO packages do is add your website to low-quality entities. They can do this automatically using some software, which makes it look very spammy and potentially very dangerous for your site. Learn why citations are important for SEO.

What do Affordable SEO services look like then?

It starts with a team dedicated to research and finding all the possible opportunities for you. This would involve a full audit of your website, your competitors, and your backlinks. This could take over twenty hours of time to go through and start creating a plan of attack. At a bare minimum of $30/hr. Most good SEOs make $75-300/hr, which could be $300-400 dollars just by itself on the low end. 

Before we even go anything further, let’s do up a quick estimate here of what we’ve already touched upon.

[4 Blog Articles at $50/each = $200]

[1 Guest Post at $100/each minimum = $100]

[Minimum 10 hours of optimizing/doing research for the website = $300]


To add to this, we still haven’t included technical fixes, Google my Business management, internal linking, or in-depth on-page SEO work.

#2 – You’re Expecting Results Overnight From Your SEO Company

3 Reasons you Shouldn’t Hire our SEO Company

This is an important one I really want to emphasize. SEO is a marathon, it’s not a sprint. Proper white-hat SEO takes time to develop and grow over time. You are planting an apple tree here, this isn’t jack and the magic bean stock. So if you are expecting to snap your fingers and be the top result on Google, then you’re going to be disappointed.

Do I get asked a lot about which important off-page SEO factors are used for quick results? Some SEO companies use black-hat techniques to try to play Google. This is not a long-term strategy, and not one we will implement. This can lead you down the road of a Google penalty, which is not only difficult to overcome but likely much more expensive too. We follow Google’s best practices pushing our clients higher, and higher for search results.

What is the difference between White-Hat SEO and Black-Hat SEO?

Check out this image we created to show the difference between the two.

3 Reasons you Shouldn’t Hire our SEO Company Halifax Digital Marketing Agency

How Long Should a Proper SEO Strategy Take?

There is no clear-cut time frame that will 100% determine this. Each case will vary on the level of competition and other factors. I tell most of my clients that this is likely a very long-term relationship. I have clients I’ve worked with for years to continue their push and maintenance of their positioning on Google. Typically, by month six of our work, we start getting a lot more tangible results that can start driving huge levels of revenue growth. We have also seen quick results within a few weeks.

This is why we don’t have long-term contracts with our clients. We prefer the month-to-month arrangement. This is to ensure our customers that we aren’t handcuffing you. We need to show results and provide our level of expertise in line with your expectations of us.

#3 – You’re Not a Competitive Person at Heart.

3 Reasons you Shouldn’t Hire our SEO Company

This might catch some off guard but over the years I’ve come to realize that it’s important to partner with businesses that want more from their business. If the idea of a competitor that is in front of you on Google gives you sleepless nights, then you’re starting to sound like our ideal client.

I hate when I lose at board games, or really anything to be honest. When I partner with companies, I want that similar instinct. This is crucial for building that realistic partnership. I want to see that fire in my clients. Losing money isn’t a joyous thing, so we shouldn’t be happy about that from either side.

If you don’t have a bit of that spark in you then it’s hard to truly dedicate yourself to the longevity needed to succeed. One of my favorite quotes is “A young falcon is pushed from the nest, afraid of tumbling from the cliff. The pain of learning to fly cannot be an enjoyable experience, but the anguish of learning to fly is quickly forgotten as the falcon soars to the heavens”.

This is what it takes to be successful in business, a sheer relentless approach.

So is Social Spike Marketing Group the right SEO Company for you?

If you haven’t left already then you might just be! Look, we are here to help small businesses succeed. This isn’t easy, you might know that already. Running a business is a daily grind, which involves a consistent worth ethic, and the right growth mindset. If you’re looking for a local SEO company to help you overcome the cheap, and dangerous SEO offers out there or if you want a team-mate that is ready to fight with you on the battlefield, then you should book a discovery call with us today!

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