Quick Wins with Local SEO – Google My Business Hack

Quick Wins with Local SEO - Google My Business Hack

Google My Business Hack – Juice Up Your Photos

We want to help local small businesses out by giving back with some quick action items. Collectively, these tips and tricks will help your business improve your rankings within the map pack, as well as organically. While these tips by themselves aren’t the golden ticket to winning over Google, creating consistency in your SEO strategy while incorporating these, can help over time.

First hack today is a very simple one, we are essentially customizing the EXIF data on images that we will be uploading to our Google My Business profile. This can work on your logo, team photos, at work photos, basically any photo you’re going to upload into your GMB.

Tools we discussed in the video!

Geotagging link

Longitude & Latitude Finder




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