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Calling all permanent makeup artists! At Social Spike, we help beauty technicians dominate their local markets. Tired of Karen down the street giving out the crappy brows, and getting all the clients? If so, keep on reading!

PMU Marketing Services

Winning Website Design

I often get asked, “Are websites important for my permanent makeup business? I mean, I have Facebook, isn’t that enough?” My answer is, ABSOLUTELY! While being on Social Media is important, not having a website that breaks down your services, and helps showcase what you offer, means you’re likely missing out on a huge portion of potential clients. Don’t stress yourself out over figuring how to do it all on your own, let the Social Spike team handle all of it for you, so you can stand out to your potential clients.

Local PMU SEO Results

Full Service PMU SEO / Google Domination

Look, over 70% of your potential clients are using search engines like Google, to find artists like yourself, in your city (or surrounding areas). Whether it’s asking a question like “How long does Microblading last?”, or “Lip Blushing near me”, each and every day, there are dozens (if not hundreds), of potential clients searching for specific things related to your business. So you can imagine, if you’re not showing up for those 70% of buyers, another artist down the street is. Want to solve that problem? Click the button below and learn how we can help.

PMU GOOGLE BOOSTER - Social Spike Marketing Group

PMU Google Booster

This program is designed for up an coming artists in smaller cities, looking for a jump start in their online visibility. If you’re not ready to make a big commitment in your marketing efforts just yet, but need to get something in place to help the phones start ringing, this package is perfect for you, and your business goals.

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