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Attention PMU Rockstars! Are you sick of not showing up on Google? Check out this quick video to learn how Social Spike can change that!

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What are Local Citations? Why do they Matter?

Google relies on citations from third parties when it comes time to evaluate your permanent makeup business. Citations are basically phone numbers and addresses that help Google figure out where you’re located, what your hours are, and other important information about your business. If they don’t have those pieces of information, they’ll use whatever they can find (like social media posts or blogs).

How We use Citations to Grow Local Search Rankings

The Benefits for Permanent Makeup Artists

Citations have the power to impact local search engine rankings.

If your website isn't showing up in the first page of Google Search Results, it could be because your business isn't listed on the right websites. Google needs to be able to find citations for your website. We do this by building a list of all the places where your business is mentioned online and creating links between them. As a result, You should see your business ranking improve and move higher in Search Results.

Citation Websites Frequently Appear in Your Brand's Search Results.

Citations are the online listings that appear on search engines and directories as a result of someone searching for your brand. They're also called "online business listings," and they can include everything from a local directory listing to a Facebook page or Pinterest board—anything that helps people find out more about your company.

Huge Impact on Your Overall Revenue

Moz credits citations with playing a critical role in either positively or negatively impacting your rankings, reputation, and revenue. This SEO industry thought leader calls citations “high stakes assets” that are a necessity for all online local businesses.

Be the Go-To Brow Expert in Your City!

Our PMU Google Booster Includes

Helping Artists Get to the top of Google

100 Business Citations

Backlinks for PMU Artists

Citations make your company appear more credible to search engines and potential clients. We want to enhance your business listings and include as much information as possible that will help your company gain more visibility.

(VALUE – $150)

100 Google Map Citations

Google Maps for PMU Artists

The general idea behind this custom map is to create some authority indication for Google. The more people create customized maps and routes to a location, the higher the authority of the specific business. These are essentially “Google Citations”.

(VALUE – $75)

1 Localized Youtube Video

Video Creation for PMU Artists SEO (2)

Google loves videos because people prefer video content over regular blog posts. We produce engaging videos that inform your target customers about your clinic, brand, products, or services. Local video can get you in front of your audience quickly!

(VALUE – $50)

3 Google Business Posts

Google Posts for PMU Artists

Google My Business entries are an excellent approach to increase your local business’s internet presence. We create and publish short content (including keywords) to increase map visibility.

(VALUE – $50)

5 GEO Tagged Images

Geo Tagged Photos for PMU

We help GEO-tag images for the business that allows the pictures to show up in Google Search results rank near the top under the images tab. You can imagine in the PMU space this is super important!

(VALUE – $25)

BONUS - Special Social Spike Sauce


10 High-Quality Web 2.0 Embeds (Video + GMB + Custom Maps), 10 Video Links to Boost YouTube Geo-tagged Video on Google, 20 Manually Built Social Links to help get the ball rolling!

(VALUE – $100)

Google Post Examples

Youtube Video Examples

Total Value of - $450!!!

Only pay a fraction of this!

Results for Permanent Makeup Artists

We take great pride in helping artists in the beauty industry.
Over the last few years, we’ve helped dozens of in the industry become the beacon of Permanent Makeup in their cities.

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PMU Google Booster Pricing

Citations are frequently at the bottom of the priority list for many permanent makeup, and beauty clinics.

You can start reaping huge advantages in terms of rankings, reputation, and money by focusing on citations!

Allow us to lead you through the entire procedure, saving you many hours of hard work.

Google Booster FAQS

Typically, this package takes about three weeks to completely finish from start to finish. Once we're done, we will send over the deliverables to you so you can use them for you're business (Google posts / Video / Business Listings).
Anything can happen, and there are lots of variables when it comes to ranking on Google. If you're in a smaller market, this can help tremendously. If you're in a larger city (New York / Toronto / Miami / ect), you will likely be better off choosing our Done-for-You SEO Campaigns.
Absolutely! We only ask that you fill our a quick form with some need business information from you. Once we've collected this, we will start work on getting everything in place. It shouldn't take more than 5 minutes of your time.
This will easily save you anywhere from 15 to 20 hours. From learning all of the components, to actually implementing them. Think about what you earn hourly, and compare it vs the time saved.