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Inked Beauty Bar offers stunning permanent makeup services in St. Louis, MO.

Inked Beauty Bar SEO For Microblading Case Study
Microblading SEO Case Study
50% Increase in new organic traffic to the website + Massive Google Map Boost!

Helping PMU Artists Dominate on Google

One of the most underutilized areas of marketing for PMU artists (and the beauty industry) is via their website and Google my business. Each month, hundreds of potential clients are trying to find permanent makeup clinics in their city. They aren’t searching Instagram for it, they aren’t searching Facebook for it…..they’re going to Google. So if you aren’t showing up where they’re all looking, how will you ever get them as a client? This case study shows the power a proper SEO strategy (search engine optimization) can have for a PMU artist.

While the branding was on point for the clinic, the website lacked proper optimization, as well as content. Our team evaluated the local competitors and established a strategy to take over the city for all of the services the artist performed (Microblading / Powder Brows / Lip Blushing / Microchanneling / Eyeliner). We optimized these terms for the city, and build everything out from there (including website design and additional pages).

I talk about this a lot but content really is the key to SEO. Think about it, would Google recommend a site that can’t provide adequate information? Or something that solves almost all of the potential questions/inquiries that a client might have? By creating a robust content marketing strategy, we were able to establish an extremely high level of trust with Google. That translates into $$$

Google my business is absolutely key for permanent makeup artists trying to build their online presence. This will be one of the first things someone will see in your city when they’re doing a search for your services. Customers will evaluate you from this! They will check out your reviews, your photos (duh!), as well as the google posts. The key here providing useful tips, and information (How long does microblading take to heal? For example). Google Posts help get more eyes on your business, while also getting people to your website! Consistency helps your profile become more powerful locally.

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Our Microblading SEO Results

Microblading SEO Google Map Results

Growth Across the City

True growth for service-based businesses, is dominating in Google maps. Where you rank in maps, can vary from each corner of the city. By implementing our Microblading Marketing SEO strategy for this PMU Artist, we were able to take full control of a major city for our big services! That means more calls/appointments and a constant stream of your ideal client reaching out!
Microblading SEO Traffic Increase Results

50% Increase in New Visitors!

Think about this, when it comes to conversion rates, typically we see 5% of visitors from organic searches convert into customers. A 50% increase of new visitors = about 1650 in this case over 6 months. If we take 5% of that, we're looking at close to 80 clients. Do the math, what kind of revenue would 80 new clients bring to your table? That is a lot of organic traffic!
Microblading SEO Results vs Social Media

Google Dominates Social

Check this out, the top referring media for driving people to the site, is Google (by a large margin). Do you find you post a lot on Instagram & Facebook but it never really translate into anything? This artist has over 3000 Facebook followers, and over 4000 on Insta! Yet Google still crushes both combined.

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Are you looking to get book customers for months in advance with your PMU business? If yes, then absolutely you should be focussing on SEO.
We absolutely do! Creating a blog post on questions your potential customers might have, does a lot to attract new business to your website. Solving a potential customer inquiry provides an amazing user experience, which leads to a higher level of bookings. If you solve all their inquiries, and your work looks great, why would they go to anyone else? Think about how much time that would save you having us do the articles for you!
Hiring the right digital marketing agency to handle your SEO is critical. Because of our level of expertise in the industry, we aren't the cheapest in the market (but we are also not the most expensive). Doing SEO right, means there are various things that need to happen in order to make it work. With our plans, we start at $500 per month (which is still going to be much less than a typical advertising campaign). Beauty businesses can trust in Social Spike to help them create an effective marketing solution that will have customers storming in for new brows, lips, and more!
Every microblading business is different and there are many factors that come into play. The bigger the location and population, usually means there is more competition. In larger areas, it can take a good 6 months before we start seeing really solid traction. In other cases, we've seen clients finding the business within two weeks of work. We tell every business owner looking to build a business relationship with us, that you should go into this expecting to invest six months before things start to pop.
First, we know the beauty business language! Powder brows vs Microblading? We got it. Lip Blushing and Lip Contouring (or Lip Neutralization?) problem. Book a discovery call with us and we might just blow your mind a little! Second, we've been doing SEO for over six years, and have helped rank over 150 businesses during that time. Third, we're just generally fun to work with. We're laid back, swear a little bit, and take the pressure off you when it comes to all this techy/website stuff!
Absolutely! We create beautiful microblading websites that are focused on people finding it online, but also wanting to book in with you!
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