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Health Care
Medical Device

Northwood Intouch provides wellness products for Seniors to help them

Northwood Case Study
Massive 464% Growth in Organic Traffic since starting their SEO Campaign with Social Spike

Company Goals & Objectives

Northwood Intouch of Halifax, NS
Medical Device SEO

Our client, Northwood Intouch, is a Medical Device company located in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Their main goal was simply to get more eyes seeing the product line, and more potential customers applying to access their medical devices. With  68% of online experiences begin with a search engine, SEO was at the forefront for their digital marketing strategy.

With a handful of products that needed a lot of help visibility wise, we looked at how we can could increase their organic traffic of the most relevant potential users.

The Challenge

While Local SEO can be pretty straight forward, in this case, we needed to attract customers across Canada.

Not an easy task by itself, but it makes it even more challenging when some of your top competitors are Billion dollar brands (Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy).

We need to ensure that each product page is optimized perfectly, and we needed supporting content to signal to Google that Northwood indeed has Authority in this space.

SEO For a Stove Sensor in Canada

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The Results - 464% Increase In Organic Traffic!

Before we started working on the website, our client typically was getting around 50 hits a day organically. While that isn’t terrible, it certainly isn’t enough to really drive growth.
Within a 6 month window, we were able to increase this to well over 260 hits per day!

Health Care SEO Results

Continued....Big Growth!

Our website packages are jammed pack with value. All of which is geared to help you, and your permanent makeup clinic succeed!

197% Increase in Ranking Keywords

Organic Keyword Growth for a Medical Device Company

When we started the campaign, our client was only ranking for 170 total keywords. Within 6 months, we hit 506. Also an increase in top10 Keywords of 650%!

174% Increase in Website Signups!


Increased rankings, more keywords, and higher levels of traffic are great, but if they aren’t turning into clients, its nearly useless. Based on our campaign, we saw a huge increase in signups for their products of 174%!

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