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Struggling with your website or ranking on Google? Then this is a perfect time to setup a free strategy session to help determine the next best steps for your business!

Struggling with your website or ranking on Google? Then this is a perfect time to setup a free strategy session to help determine the next best steps for your business!

Local SEO Frequently Asked Questions

Real Local Results

We Achieve Positive Results Fast!

We aren't magicians but we are good at what we do. Through countless hours of testing, tears and limitless coffee, we consistently are able to produce great results for our clients by utilizing a winning SEO process.

Local SEO Experts

Our focus is your business and brand. Let's work together
to help you not only just survive, but thrive!
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Why Work With Social Spike?

There are quite a few but here are some of the main reasons you
will love working with us!
Your Partner

Your Partner

We aren't just a hired gun, we are also your marketing consultant.
Relentless Fight

Relentless Fight

We only win when you win, so we work endlessly to help you achieve results
Best Practices

Best Practices

We only provide White Hat SEO to ensure Google is happy!
Everything Digital

Everything Digital

From reporting to online communication, we make it easy to keep in touch
Are we the right fit?

Before you go further, please make sure you read this!

Before we go further into this process, please make sure you understand that just like you are searching for the right company for you, we are also looking for the right company to partner with.
You're ready to invest for the long term

You're ready to invest for the long term

We get this isn't for everyone and that is perfectly fine! But our customers should expect to invest $500/mo minimum with a long term partnership in mind. We will not work with companies who are expecting this to be a 1-2 month process.
You can handle more business!

You can handle more business!

Seems silly right? But it's shocking how many companies aren't willing to expand themselves to receive such growth. Can you handle more business?
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Some reviews from our clients

We are client-focused with your goals and objectives being the most important things to us!
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How it works

Discover something amazing with your free call

Our goal during this call is to ensure we give you some useful information that you can readily apply to your business. If you would like to work with us and our team, we can also discuss this further. Below is how our process works and flows.

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Book Your Call

Simple enough right? If you've made it this far, and everything seems to line up with your goals, pick a time from our calendar below for us to begin the journey.
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Ignite Ideas

During our call, we will show you via video anything we discovered during our initial analysis of the information you provide to us when you book your call.
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Path or Proposal

Based on our conversation, we will either give you insight on what you should look to do next, or we will send you a proposal if you want to partner with us.
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Target Success

If a proposal is agreed to, we will then send you over our first month action plan and further documents that will help us plan and implement your success targets.
What's Your Dream Project?

Book Your Strategy Sessions Kickoff

We want to hear about your dreams, and what your "why" is. Let's see if we can help paint the picture of what the future might look like for your business!

Open Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9 am - 5 pm,
Sat - Sun: CLOSED
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