Why a Halifax Chamber of Commerce Link is great for SEO

Small businesses should always be on the hunt for great links that can help build relevancy for their business. One of the most powerful local links that a company can acquire, is a link from your local Halifax Chamber of Commerce. 

In this article, I will go over why obtaining such a link can be valuable for your Halifax based business and, why joining the chamber of commerce might be the best choice for you.


While you are on your business journey, and your SEO strategy is starting to develop, one of the key cogs to this entire machine, is having strong, relevant backlinks pointing back to your business website. 

These can come in many forms. Maybe you have contributed great content to a blog in your niche. It could come from any relationship, partnerships or sponsorships you have with other groups and organizations. It can also come from strong local directories like that present on the Halifax Chamber of Commerce website.

The picture below shows how much authority and strength this listing has.

These are great metrics when we are evaluating the potential benefits this can have for your own website’s authority building. We can see that there is a lot of value in the sheer volume of traffic the site obtains each month. We can expect this to keep growing as a directory, and the authority alone will continue to rise.

The Benefits of joining the Halifax Chamber of Commerce


The Halifax Chamber of Commerce can provide a decent stream of traffic based on your industry. Think of the entire organization as a networking opportunity. If your business is listed in the directory, you can be found by other businesses that might be interested in a particular product or service being products, or fulfilled locally. Such a great way to really start building up your reach locally.


The chamber is always hosting events (mainly online these days). Regardless, these events are amazing for networking and can help build more relationships than any real form of marketing.

Content Opportunities

The HCC is always looking for members to submit winning content to their magazine and website. If you remember from other blogs and videos I’ve done, “Content is King”, or Queen! Regardless, it is super important for local SEO purposes. The worst thing that can happen is they say no, the best thing that can happen is that you gain more exposure in your local communities in Nova Scotia.


When you join the Halifax Chamber of Commerce, you get access to potential affinity partnerships. That means your business can work with listed Insurance companies or benefits companies that could help your own organization. As we can see, there are many wins by joining this chamber.

What does it cost to join the Halifax Chamber of Commerce?

With many valuable link opportunities, there can be costs associated with them. Remember though, you aren’t simply paying for a backlink here. You are paying to join an amazing community of local businesses. As we can see, by all the benefits listed above, there are many elements that can help justify the yearly costs. Below we have attached the fee structure for 2020.

In Conclusion

If you’re a local Halifax based business, joining the Halifax Chamber of Commerce is an excellent idea for various reasons. The main point here is that being a part of their directory provides a very valuable backlink to your website. As part of a local SEO strategy, it can help your own website build up its own authority and relevance in the city.

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